Digital Image Making

What is "Digital Image Making"?

Hi, my name is Frédéric Müller, I am a Digital Artist based in Switzerland, specializing in "Digital Image Making", which is the process of using 3D-computer-software to produce photorealistic images. It is often referred to as CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) or 3D-Rendering, and is used in combination with photography (enhancing a photograph with 3D-Rendered elements) or for complete image production (100% 3D-rendered images).

Creative freedom through photorealistic 3D-Rendering

I see the use of 3D-rendering techniques as an expansion of our creative opportunities: exaggeration, surrealism, pinpoint accuracy, meticulous detailing or imaginary custom-designs. In 3D, the shape of objects, their size and position, material properties, even lighting techniques are not bound to the logistical or physical limitations of real-life photography. This allows not only to compose compelling images, but to convey the underlying message to the viewer in an astonishing manner.

"My fascination is the possibility of bringing the imaginary to life, making it look convincingly real and have the viewer stop for a second and consider: what if this actually was real?"



After the briefing with the client, we start out with idea creation and develop the core of the concept. In tight collaboration with the client, we further develop the ideas into a strong concept that will establish a solid base for the production of the envisioned images.


Definition of the perspective, image composition and design of the key elements of the images. These sketches serve as a preview for the client and form the groundwork for a target-oriented and successful production. In addition to the sketches, reference images (image mood, style, brightness and contrast, lighting and color) are gathered to further refine the envisioned production style.


Production of the images according to the developped concept by using , 3D-rendering digital photography or a combination of both. I have connections to a tightly knit network of professionals in the field of 3D-rendering and post production, which can be accessed for productions of more challenging nature.

Advantages of 3d-rendering

Visualize the imaginary

3D-rendering allows us to visualize non-existent objects in a photo-realistic appearance. Furthermore, we have the ability to breathe life into static objects of real life and to give them a personality and expression. The border between the real and the imaginary world fades, which lets the viewer marvel.

Absolute control

3D-rendering allows for absolute control, down to the smallest details. The possibility to test and develop different variations accelerates and facilitates the creative process. The form of objects, colors, material specifications, lighting, perspective and composition can be adapted and developped at any time.


3D-rendering allows for identical reproduction of images. An image or image-series can be reproduced in a time- and location-independent fashion, adapted or extended (for example for product visualizations) with pinpoint accuracy. Camera perspective, composition, lighting and material specifications can be reproduced in order to achieve a - from previous images - undistinguishable result.

let's work together

Interested in producing high-quality 3D-rendered images for advertisement / product-visuals for your company? Or are you an Art-Director / Photographer on the lookout for a freelance CGI-specialist?

Let’s talk!

I would be happy to help you figure out the possibilities for a collaboration.

Frédéric Müller – Digital Image Making – Mattli 6, 6365 Kehrsiten, Switzerland – T: +41 (0)79 762 92 48